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At The Mattress Site in Belleview, FL, we have a wide range of products now available in stock:

The Corsicana Innerspring Line

The Corsicana innerspring line provides an above average coil count. Over 880 coil spring units with the availability of Individually wrap coils and Micro coil on coils for a more supportive and comfortable nights sleep. We feature mattresses for Side, Back or Stomach sleeping. Our process will help you find the right comfort for you favorite sleeping position. You find the comfort, we got you covered on the support.

Gel Memory Foam

Corsicana has combined temperature balancing Gel infused memory for comfort, and support, to create the optimum sleep experience. Gel memory foam is fused with memory foam to provide a refreshing coolness when your bedroom is kept at your desired temperature. Mattresses don't sleep hot. People do. We promote temperature balancing. Corsicana's line of Gel infused mattress are design to store heat in the cells of the mattress and slowly release that heat though out the you wont sleep to hot or to cool. Remember its not an air condition nor a heater. Its temperature balancing. We offer 4 models designed for the way you sleep. Phase Gel Collection.

Hybrid Mattress

Corsicana Hybrid mattress,  offers the benefits of having the best of both Gel memory foam supported by individually  wrapped coil. The best way to describe it would be to say, "You sleep in Gel memory foam, but you sleep on a coil spring mattress. When the two are combined. You have the best of both worlds. You'll find its a lot easier to maneuver from side to side on a Europa Hybrid."

Traditions Collection

Traditions I

This sleep system provides extra-firm support with phenomenal comfort, unlike any extra firm mattress on the market. It has garnered a 5-star rating among its sleepers. 6 inches of combined comfort and support foams, compressed on both sides with a premium coil spring unit. With over 800 coils in a queen, it gives you the ability to use both sides of the mattress for a longer support, longer comfort, and a longer-lasting mattress. Don't settle for less.

Traditions II

Take what's great about Traditions’ support, and Corsicana Bedding has made it better. By adding 4 more inches of combined comfort layers on both sides, this makes the mattress perfect for side, back, or stomach sleeping. Cool Gel memory covered by Tencil material featured in all models allows the mattress to sleep temperature balanced for more comfortable night’s sleep. At The Mattress Site, we call this one Goldilocks.

Traditions III

At The Mattress Site, we love what Corsicana Bedding has done to this mattress. For the most sensitive side sleepers, but also amazingly, back sleepers love it also! Traditions III adds another 2 inches of combined comfort foams that will make you moan from the pleasure of lying on this mattress. This is our featured mattress. A two-sided super pillow top. Available exclusively at The Mattress Site.

Cool Reflections Gel

12" Cool Reflections Gel Mattress with a Soft Feel

12" Cool Reflections Gel Mattress with a Soft Feel. It's temperature balancing. It’s true, mattresses don't sleep hot. People do. Some more than others. Corsicana's Cool Reflections Gel is designed to capture the body's heat and store it in a gel-infused memory foam. As you sleep during the night, the mattress slowly releases heat, so you don't sleep too hot or too cool. Remember, it’s not an air-conditioner nor a heater. It’s temperature balancing and we believe it’s a theory. The good news: No one has asked us to pick it up because it didn't work.

10" Inch Cool Reflections Gel with a Medium Firm Feel

10" Inch Cool Reflections Gel with a Medium Firm Feel. You sleep on a coil spring mattress. You sleep in a memory foam mattress. What sleepers like about our 10" Cool Gel mattress is that it’s easier to maneuver on the mattress for side and back sleepers. If motion transfer is disrupting your sleep, nothing works better than memory foam except Cool Reflections gel memory foam.

9" Cool Reflections Gel Mattress

So you prefer a firm feel. The 9" Cool Gel is the one for you. What we have found is this mattress is truly for that firm surface sleeper who is just used to it. We get that, no reason you shouldn't. Want it on an adjustable lifestyle base? We offer 4 models to choose from.

Luxury Hybrid 11" Inch Gel on Individually Wrapped Coil

Luxury Hybrid 11" Inch Gel on Individually Wrapped Coil. So you like the idea of sleeping in a cool gel memory foam mattress, but your used to the feel of being on a mattress. We have a solution. Corsicana's Europa Hybrid has been a highly rated by our clients who want the benefits of both worlds. Don't take our word for it. Check out what other are saying here.

Body Contours Collection

Body Contours III

Body Contour III Cushion Firm. The Body Contours line by Corsicana is a quality mattress with value pricing. With every Body Contours mattress, extra center support is accomplished with a gel band in the middle of the mattress. This is where most of the weight is concentrated. It’s constructed with a premium coil spring unit and gel memory foam enveloped in a Tencil cover. This mattress is designed for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Body Contours IV

Body Contours IV Pillow Top. What our customer are telling us about this mattress is all good news. Corsicana has added 2 more inches of gel memory foam comfort and support layers to make the mattress plusher, without neglecting support. Remember, all mattress are not created equal. The support is the same. But we let you pick the comfort and we stand behind that product for 10 years.

Body Contours V

Body Contours V Plush. Need just a little more comfort for side sleeping? We believe the Body Contours V has just the right amount of comfort layers added for a more restful night’s sleep for the dominant side sleeper. Remember, all Body Contour mattresses feature gel memory foam and center gel band support.

Body Contours XI 

Body Contours XI Euro Top. The Body Contours XI is a hybrid model. Corsicana has combined 2 1/2 inches of Cool Reflections Gel, supported by 884 individually wrapped coil spring units in a queen. What does this means for you? Less motion transfer. By adding a coil spring unit, you'll find that the mattress is easy to maneuver on, while giving you and your sleep partner a more deep supportive comfort. With phase changing materials, this allows for temperature balancing throughout the night for a more rejuvenated night’s sleep.